Useful information due to Covid-19


Protocol for arrival in Greece

Are hand sanitizers available in the rooms?

Hand sanitizers have been installed in all public areas of the property.

What are the precautionary measures applied?

Regarding the measures that have come into force, we faithfully follow the instructions of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY).

You can see here the instructions of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY):

Among other things, there is the presence of emergency personnel, as well as the provision of information material with the aim of wider information.

The staff is aware of the factors that require the immediate further updating of the health services and is constantly informed about the latest developments of the competent authorities to avoid dispersal.

Special measures in force:

According to the guidelines of the National Health Service, meticulous observance of hand hygiene rules as well as respiratory hygiene, use of a mask, observance of distances, careful cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and spaces, especially where there is "contact", are the basic prerequisites. to protect our customers and employees. Our customers should know that:

  • The use of a mask, is optional during your stay at our accommodation. However, make sure you have enough for preventative reasons during your trip.
    Workers are provided with all personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, antiseptic fluid) which they use throughout their work.
  • Antiseptics are available in all public areas of the property.
  • Keeping distances is mainly a measure of behavior, safety distances between customers must be observed (1.5 meters). Customers who combine, may not keep this distance.
  • Facilities, equipment and frequent contact surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected with special materials.
  • The personnel provide information on the sanitary measures and supervise the observance of the necessary distances.

The above measures are under constant evaluation for their effectiveness, while they will be modified according to the instructions of the competent State Authorities.

What cleaning / disinfection measures are in place?

  • Cleaning materials have been replaced with quick-acting disinfectants.
  • The cleaning process has been intensified on frequently used surfaces, such as knobs, handrails, etc.
  • In case of emergency, special disinfection or benefit spraying is performed.

What measures have been taken for the smooth operation of the accommodation?

To ensure a coordinated effort to maintain business continuity and in parallel with the effort to contain the spread of the disease, we have established a COVID-19 Response Plan that maps out predictions for maintaining a minimum level of service.

The Response Plan is supplemented by actions that are decided on a daily basis as the situation evolves.

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